Murphy’s Law

So I got a brand new project at work and a brand new laptop.

Week 33 will be up next week.

Hate to have delay so early into the posting schedule, but life happens at times.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving next week!!

Love, KDub.

I’m Baaack!

Bible Made Easy Podcast has a new episode! Week 28 will be posting on Weds. October 12, 2022.

I know it’s been while and it was far longer than I had ever anticipated, but life works like that sometimes.

I hope to keep up with my every Weds. schedule, but having dealt with this…. there are no guarantees.

The only thing I can guarantee is that this podcast will be finished.

Love, KDub

Where Are You?

So I have been gone a few weeks.

Low down:

  1. I went on vacation to Cincinnati. – I so so so recommend going here if you love history. Especially take the history tours on the breweries and the below ground tunnels.
  2. I have a new job project that takes up all of my time. In fact I get a bonus if I finish it by the end of June so almost all of my time is spent on it.
  3. My bedroom is being renovated. I will share pictures once done, but I’m super excited. – Which is where my recording equipment usually is.
  4. So I should be back by the second week of July. I know most will have read past my podcast updates, but since this is a passion project I will finish this so if you ever are reading again you can also listen again.

Love to you all,


Update on Week 26

If I have any updates or changes for the podcast I will add it here.

I did skip this past Wednesday. I was having some technical difficulties and wasn’t able to get it up in time. However, I should have it up on 4/27/22.

In a weird twist I’m currently listening to the audiobook, Hell’s Half Acre by Susan Jonusas and it is an absolutely fascinating book and well written. However, the narrator keeps pronouncing Montague County just as it looks, from Romeo & Juliet. However, that is not how it is pronounced. It is pronounced MON TAY G… Every time the narrator says it wrong I mumble under my breath.

However, as someone who can’t pronounce half the names in the Bible I find this more amusing than frustrating.

Until next time.