Charlie Brown Sympathizer, Podcaster, and Follower of Christ.

Defending awkward since 1981.

Hi! I’m Kelli – You can call me Kelli or KDub

I have been studying the Bible since 1999. While I did not graduate from seminary or even consider myself a biblical scholar I do have a unique way of explaining the Bible. I like to keep it down to earth, I use colorful expressions (I try to keep four letter words out) and as warned this is not your momma’s Bible study.

Kelli Note: I did graduate from college with a BS degree in Political Science. And no, that’s not a joke.

Facts About Me

  1. Murphy’s Law is OBSESSED with me.
  2. I’m the momma of a lovebug (chihuahua), named Ellie Cooper.
  3. My favorite singer of all time is Billy Joel. Other artists I’m very into: Rolling Stones, Shinedown, Taylor Swift, AC/DC, Elton John, Foo Fighters, and a crap ton of others in between.
  4. I despise potatoes (except for extremely crispy french fries – as they are a vehicle for ketchup.)
  5. My desk buddy is a skeleton named Marvin.